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Welded EYELET STAY ANCHOR ROD M20X2700 (SRB-20/2700)

Short Description:

● Hot Dip Galvanized steel according to NMX-H-004-SCFI-2008

● Two hex nut assembled to the rod.

● The anchor rod used with anchor plate and thimble.

● In compliance with NMX specification;

● Custom size is available upon request.


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Anchor rod SRB-20/2700 made from carbon steel,designed to keep the guy wire from spreading,kinking, or bending. The installation is tight the strand steel stay wire to the top eye by thimble, and preformed guy grip or guy clip, attach the anchor plate in the bottom through the two hex nut.


Type Number SRB-20/2700
Materials Carbon steel
Coating Hot dip Galvanized
Coating standard NMX-H-004-SCFI-2008
Tension strength 73kN
Manufacture Heat forging, welded
Application Keep the line pole vertical straight and not fall down
Accessories 2 x M20 hex nut


Length 7500mm
Diameter 20mm
Thread length 100mm
Weight 7.12kgs


                  The Guide For Stay RodChapter 1 –Introduction Of Stay RodChapter 2–Characteristics Of Stay Rod

Chapter 3 –Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Chapter 1 –Introduction Of Stay Rod

Stay Rod —- it is a kind of steel alloy and polymer plastic composite pipe (lean pipe). Its outer layer is PE, ABS, ESD plastic layer, the middle is a metal layer, the inner layer is a rust-proof layer of flexible pipe.Application of combination of joint and special accessories, can be assembled into all kinds of assembly line, production line, work table, turnover car, storage shelf and other external structure.Widely used in automotive industry, electronics manufacturing, communications industry, biological engineering, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, various chemicals, precision hardware and other diversified production links.The pipe fitting and connecting parts of wire rod products can be set up with your imagination only.It’s not just easy, it’s fun.The wire-rod product system can be designed and installed by anyone, can be designed to any size, and is very light and easy to handle.

1. The color of the wire rod is varied. Customers can choose the color of the wire rod according to their own needs.
2. Wire rod products can effectively solve the problem of capital investment.
3. Having durable and flexible systems.
4. The steel tube inside the wire rod is coated with anti-rust agent, which effectively extends the service life.

Chapter 2–Characteristics Of Stay Rod

1. The flexible system of wire rod is simple and convenient to build
2. Flexible wire and rod flexible system with changeable form and strong flexibility.
3. Product environmental protection and safety.
4. Improve working environment and work efficiency.
5, light structure, easy to handle, in line with the ergonomics principle.

Chapter 3 –Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do pull rod and pull disk connect?

 The cable is broken on the cable reel. When the chassis is preset, the u-screw can be removed.Embedded cable disc is a preset chassis to pull down the bad, set into the cable rod and then connected to the cable disc.

In the electric construction, bend the wire rod short, and then construction.What form does this belong to?

The act of cutting corners.For example, pull plate buried depth requirements of 2 meters, the pull rod bending, pull plate only buried 1 meter or 1 meter 2 position, the construction team saved manpower, in the ground is not seen buried depth, this is to reduce the quality of the work behavior

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