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Deadend Strain Clamp For ABC Neutral Messenger PAL1500

Short Description:

Cable Application: 50-70mm2(mm sq)

• Weather proofed and UV resistant Nylon plugs fiber glass materials;

• High strength Aluminium alloy;

• stainless steel tails;

• Suitable for strain, corner or down lead line;

• No need tools, easy installation;

• Conforms to requirements of NFC 33-041

Custom size is available upon request.


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Deadend clamp PAL1500 are used for tight the main or branch LV ABC cable to line pole,line tower or wall on corner runs or down lead when the LV ABC cable are 50mm2, 54.6mm2, 70mm2. These insulating dead end clamps are suitable for very heavy pollution environments and are manufactured from High strength aluminium alloy body and weather proofed and UV resistant Nylon plugs fiber glass wedge, High tension strength hot dip galvanized steel.Cogged inside canals confirm the excellent mechanical contact, Cable’s insulation thus disabling slippage and the effect of most reliable tightening is achieved,It is tested and certified so that it complies with all standards for cable accessories. Stainless steel tails is available up to customer’s request.

Product Details


Type Number PAL1500
Catalogue Number 212550D1
Material – Body High strength Aluminium Alloy
Material – Wedge Weather proofed and UV resistant Nylon plugs fiber glass
Material – Tail Stainless steel 201 (Hot dip galvanized steel available)
Breaking Load 15kN
Standard NFC 33-042; EN 50-483

 Cable Related

Cross section (Max) 70mm2
Cross section(Min) 50mm2
Cross section(range) 50-70mm2
Cable Diameter(Max) 14mm
Cable Diameter(Min) 11mm
Cable Diameter Range 11-14mm
Numbers of Cable Single

The Guide for  Deadend clamp              

  • Chapter 1 – Types Of Deadend strain clamp
  • Chapter 2 –Construction Features Of Deadend strain clamp
  • Chapter 3– Components Of Deadend strain clamp       
  • Chapter 4 – Product Advantage Of Deadend strain clamp

 Chapter 1 – Types Of Deadend strain clamp

 Chapter 2 – Construction Feature  Of  Deadend strain clamp

1. The shell is cast by anti-oxidation high-strength aluminum  alloy.

 2, Wedge core insulation reinforced plastic.

3, Do not need to strip the insulation layer, and insulation aluminum core wire general.

4. Wedge-shaped structure, easy and reliable installation.

Chapter 3– Components Of Deadend strain clamp

Deadend strain clamp  consists of a die-cast aluminum body and a self-adjusting plastic wedge for clamping the neutral element.The clamp body is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy die casting die, stainless steel crosswalk, wedge-shaped weathering resistant, uv-resistant plastic.Stainless steel bail allows mounting clamps to the bracket  . ABC tension clamp and  ABC bracket can be used alone or in combination.

Chapter 4 – Product Advantage Of Deadend strain clamp

 High clip strength, reliable grip. Grip strength of wire clip should not be less than 95%CUTSThe stress distribution of wire clamps on the twisted wire is uniform, without damage to the twisted wire, the anti-vibration ability of the twisted wire is improved, and the service life of the wire is greatly extended.Simple installation and easy construction. Can greatly reduce the construction time, without any tools, one person can complete the operation. The installation quality of the wire clip is easy to ensure, it can be checked with the naked eye, no special training is required.Good corrosion resistance, choose high quality materials. The material is completely consistent with the wire, which ensures that the wire clip has a strong resistance to electrochemical corrosion.


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