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11kv Surge Arresters – The Protective Device Against Transients(Yh10W-12)

Short Description:

•  Arrester Designed for overhead distribution Line Protection, Substation & Transformer Protection

•  High current rating & High insulation resistance

•  Superior protective and stable protective performance over lie.

•  High Quality HTV Silicone Rubber for the sheds/housing of arrester

•  Standard size, good compactness & light weight

•  Superior anti-contamination characteristics

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Surge arrester is described by NEC as a protective device for limiting surge voltages by discharging or bypassing surge current on an electrical system to earth or ground. It also prevents continued flow of follow current while remaining capable of repeating these functions. In other words, a surge arrester’s purpose is to protect equipment or the system from damage due to transients.


Rated voltage: 11kv
MCOV: 9.4kv
Nominal discharge current: 10kA
Rated fequency strandard: 50Hz
Ledkage distance: 450mm
1mA DC Reference voltage: ≥17KV
 0.75 U1mA Leak current: ≤15μA
 Partial Discharge: ≤10Pc
 8/20 μs Ligting current Impulse: 33kV
4/10 μs High current impulse witstand: 65kA
2ms Rectangular current impulse withstand: 200A

(1). IEC, GB and other international standards are applicable.
(2). The color is Grey generally; red or white as well as other colors are available.

Notes:We can design and produce per drawings & specifications.

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